Plink - First Response

  • Users Become First Response

    Send First Response notifications to User phones and allow them to take charge and respond to their alarm events

  • Arm & Disarm sites Remotely

    Arm / Disarm and output controls allow Users to control their panels, lights and doors from anywhere in the world

  • Value Added Service

    Provide new Value Added Services to your end Users and save money by automating low priority events

Allows Users to take control of their alarm events and choose to cancel the alarm or fall or have an operator respond to the alarm. Users can also extend a late to close, arm & disarm their alarm panel and more

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End Users take Charge with First Response

Patriot Monitoring Stations can send automatic alarm notifications to the Users phone. The alarm appears as a notification on their phone and shows the details of the event. Depending on the type of alarm and the configuration at the Patriot Monitoring station the User may

  • A. Receive a standard notification of the alarm with no response options, or,
  • B. Receive the notification and have options to ‘Cancel Alarm Response’ or ‘Request Operator Action’.

If the User selects ‘Cancel Alarm Response’ then the event will be automatically completed in Patriot at the Monitoring Station. This allows low priority events such as Late To Close events to be handled directly by the user without an operator being involved in the response.

Alarms that Users select to ‘Request Operator Action’ or that are not responded to within a specified time will appear in Patriot at the Monitoring Station as an alarm event in the Activation Queue for operators to respond to.

  • Automate operator actions and reduce staff costs

  • Provide new services to customers and increase your customer market

Late to Close First Response

‘Late to Close’ alarms can also be sent to a First Response User and these alarms allow for an additional option, to extend the scheduled closing time.

The User will receive an automatic notification about the late to close alarm on their cellphone, they can choose to ‘Cancel alarm Response’ which will complete it back in Patriot at the station, ‘Request Operator Action’ or to ‘Extend the Scheduled Closing’ time if the User intends to be on site for a while longer.

  • Allows site Users and Managers to take control of Late to close alarms

  • Avoid patrol call outs to arm sites

  • Allows the Monitoring Station operators to focus on responding to high priority events

Patriot First Response can be used by

  • Technicians

    Can receive low battery and system events from the sites that they manage

  • Bureaus

    That need to receive fault alarms such as IP failures so they know instantly if they need to check the communication connections of a panel

  • Site mangers

    Can receive open out of hours & late to close notifications for their stores and want to be able to arm and disarm their sites from anywhere

  • End Users

    Such as parents who want to know when their children are opening their home when they are at work or need to arm or disarm their home alarm remotely

Viewing and Editing Details

The Signal History, Activation History and general account and user details can be viewed and edited through the Plink app when requried.

Users can view their Signal and Activation history

Users can view and edit their Users, Key Holders and Call Lists

Users view and update their Scheduled Monitoring Hours

Note that some fields are not able to be edited directly through ICA and additional ICA Logins may be required for editing options.

Arming and Disarming Sites Remotely + Output Control

Allow Users and Site managers to remotely arm & disarm their panels through the Plink App.

This means if they receive a Late to Close notification because someone had forgotten to set the alarm at thier site then they can arm the panel from wherever they are in the world. If output controls are setup then they are also able to activate these through the Plink app to control lights, doors and other devices connected to the panels.

Arm, Disarm and output controls through the Plink app work with Permaconn and T4000 / Sky Command Panels

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help new operators get an understanding of Patriot and advanced operators pick up time saving tips and tricks.

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